" Construction Cleaning Services consistently comes through for us. We value our  relationship with them ! "

Fred Didier
Didier Custom Homes
St. Charles, IL
" CCS has been cleaning our projects for several years now. We get the same quality people on our jobs each time and they know how to clean after a construction project. I also don't have to worry about how their employees will interact with my customers - they are very professional !  I know my fee for cleaning is consistent and that I am never in for a surprise. Overall, the are highly trained professionals that add to my bottom line ! "
                                                                  Steve Taylor
                                                                  Synergy Builders
                                                                  West Chicago, IL
" We have used Construction Cleaning Services for well over 5 years to final clean our remodeling projects. They are always prompt, professional and courteous, as well as very thorough in the work they do. Our clients are always very impressed with the job that they do, in fact, we have never had a complaint. Often clients say that the area is cleaner than before it was remodeled !  Needless to say, this is a very important service to both us and our clients - leaving a good impression when we leave a project is part of the whole experience !
                                                            Bob McDowell, President
                                                            McDowell, Inc.
                                                            St. Charles, IL

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